Teasing is Fundamental

And fun…let’s not forget fun.

Yeah, I mean who doesn’t like being teased? If you raised your hand just accept that you’re weird, but it’s okay. I’m a little strange too. Now, in regards to teasing, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.

Before I go any deeper, most of you know my next full length book, Drawing the Line, will be out in November. And yes before you ask or even think it, DTL is a romance. Not far after that release I’m gonna spruce up and publish a Kelli/Nora short story. I promised you a cover reveal that is incidentally  the epitome of teasing.

Erasing the Lines

*Cough* That’s the cover for the Kelli/Nora short story, Erasing the Lines.

If you’re nice, I might even throw in a few lines here and there of it before publication. I love getting reacquainted with these two. I think you will too.

Blurred Lines (eBook or Audiobook on Amazon) or at Ylva

Crossing Lines (Amazon) or at Ylva


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