Two days…

Then we have lift off! My third novel, Between the Lines, will officially be available for purchase on the Ylva-Publishing¬†website. I have to say after reading it ten times for editing that it’s my favorite. Tonya and Haley were just as special to write about…to create just as Nora and Kelli were. Tonya and Haley’s story is just more human. It’s about relationships, loyalty and the faith people can and should have in each other.

I look forward to the careful readers who like to read about a relationship and characters built from the ground up.

I look forward to the readers who are drawn in by the story, the dialogue, the laughs and the side characters.

I look forward to the readers drawn in by the heat Tonya and Haley generates.

I look forward to the good reviews, the critical ones and even the nasty ones.

I savor all the ones I’ve already received.