ARCs for Between the Lines

It’s about that time!

between-the-lines-800-cover-reveal-and-promotionalSeems like it took forever, but I will send out a limited number of ARCs for Between the Lines starting today to those who sign up with a Kindle address. The list will be closed on March 14th  since the book will be readily available on March 15th.

By clicking on this link you’ll sign up for my newsletter that will give you more information on how to receive the ARC.

I hope you enjoy!


Music, Me and Between the Lines

I know for a fact I’m not the only writer who uses music as inspiration or to just set the mood. I used to need complete quiet to write but it hasn’t been like that for a while now.

There are certain songs that fit the characters I create including the secondary ones.

For me, there are even certain songs that are synonymous with their story.

Every scene in Between the Lines with Haley, Tonya, Tracy, Nate, Tim and so on is etched in a song on my playlist whether it’s humor, violence, sex, conflict or tragedy. The playlist is an eclectic mix and I mean that in the literal sense. It ranges from Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B all the way to a little Bluesy. Some of it is recent and some of it isn’t.

Since Between the Lines is going to be released on March 15th, I wanted to give all of you a glimpse inside my head, which in turn will give you a glimpse of the characters. Listen to the songs and then, when you get the book listen to them again.

Feel free to voice your opinion whatever it is. I’m not shy no reason for you to be either. Here is the link to the playlist simply titled, Between The Lines.  The book, which is Cops and Docs #3, is available for pre order at Ylva.


Between the Lines…Pre-Order

Good morning!!!

between-the-lines-800-cover-reveal-and-promotionalShit is all sunshine and rainbows in my opinion, especially since I have the honor of telling you that Cops and Docs #3, Between the Lines is now available for pre-order on the Ylva Website. Guess what else? You can also read an excerpt from the book. The first couple chapters are available for perusal.

Allow me to drop one more bit of knowledge too. ARC (Advance Review Copies) will be available soon. Yeah, that’s a lot of availability…

Have a good one!