Two things…

Blurred Lines is an honorable mention for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

Between the Lines will officially be finished and going through late stage edits by this Sunday. I’m excited but I’m also in a strange mood about it. Either way that means I’ll be getting ready for my tattoo next week! Suggestions anybody?

My coming out story…

Since it’s National Coming Out Day, I decided to take some time out of finishing up Between the Lines to tell my coming out story. Ahem, so here goes.

About twenty or so years ago…

My view of my sexuality was shaky when I went to college the first time back in 1991. I had a boyfriend then. Yup, big ol’ butch me had a boyfriend at one time. Hell I’ve had a few actually, but it just never felt right. Was it him? Was it me? Did I not have feelings? It took me years…years to figure out despite little clues including the way my eyes would wander toward and over the fairer sex.

Then, late one night I was working at the library at Indiana State University (my second stint at college and my third degree). I browsed the Internet, looking for the TV schedule for Xena. I had just discovered that too. What I found was fanfic.

Epiphany hit me in the head and man, I bled out all over the place. Talk about your ah ha moments. I was voracious, reading anything I could get my hands on. My understanding of myself grew, and I started seeing someone. That was over twenty years ago. We’re not together now. I’m with the woman I’m meant for. But, at the time, it never occurred to me to hide what I was feeling or hide who I was.

I told my friends at college first. Most of them rolled their eyes and snorted. “Like we didn’t know.” Was a phrase I heard many times over. Some didn’t like it so much but I said fuck’em either get over it or get gone. When I was home on spring break, I told my sister. She revealed that she’d suspected.

I wish somebody had told me!

The only person left was my mom. Some of my gay friends had told me horror stories about their parents and to support me they were on standby in case they had to come get me. I had no idea how it was going to go. While I was home, my girlfriend and I talked on the phone daily. Sometimes for hours.

This didn’t go unnoticed. My mother came to me before I could get to her. She’s a religious woman. She cried. I cried. She told me she didn’t want this for me. She told me she didn’t want my life to be that hard. Being black, a woman, and a lesbian?

She told me what the Bible said.

Things between us was strained for a long time, but somehow, we made it through. She accepts me, defends me against the people in my family who have still shown they have issues with me. Most of all, when she met the woman I’ve now been with for over ten years, she opened her arms and hugged her.

Hell, I’ve even gotten relationship advice from her because I can be an ass. I freely admit it.


Things worked out. It doesn’t for everybody. I know that for sure.

It did for me.

The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.

Well…damn. I’ll leave this right here and go on my way…

The Contrarian Blog

An old colleague and I were having breakfast this morning when he looked up at the news (I can’t remember which network …MSNBC, I think) and noticed a split screen of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He lamented long about how terrible both candidates are in this election and I guess we just have to choose the lesser of the two evils or, as he put it, “…put on a blindfold and just pick. It doesn’t really make any difference.”

And that’s when I went off.

I am really sick and tired of people saying both candidates are equally horrible choices, how much America thoroughly hates both of them to the core, that there’s not a single positive trait in either one of them and wow, if only we had voted for that guy behind the deli counter or the neighbor’s cat, America would be WAY better off.

Fuck you. Fuck the…

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Between the Lines: Take the good the bad and the in between

I have some news. Some of you will not like it. I, myself, had to let it marinate. Between the Lines will not be released on December 7th as planned. It has been pushed back to March.

I know….


But, it is a good thing. This is about quality. Could I have finished it in the next couple of months? Probably. However, Ylva is about quality and I will be too. This book is a completely original work with no fanfic origins. It took me a while to get started but now I’m in it deep. I think I’ve created a cast of main and side characters most readers can really relate to. They are down to earth, funny, and deal with real problems. I’ve also been able  to build a villain (if you can call her/him that) so that the motivations are understood and as a reader, you may feel for him/her to a degree. I think every character in this book will have an impact with readers in one way or another.

I’m gonna bust my ass to give you the best of my abilities. I will continue to post updates to keep all ya’ll informed!

Between the Lines Info

I’m sitting here about to write notes on the next chapter in my new book Between the Lines and I thought it was time to tell readers a little bit about it. As most of you know, this book features new characters: Haley Jordan and Tonya Preston. Would you like to know something about them?

Haley is a rookie cop on the New Orleans Police Department. Yes, it all takes place in NOLA. I won’t be writing about the beauty of the Garden District and the rich history. What I describe will be a different take on things. It won’t all be pretty. Haley is very southern. She’s a Mississippi native. She’s a gamer, a bit of a geek, and works out. She’s young and loyal. She has a close circle of friends. She’s funny. Haley has never been in the closet and her life has been relatively easy. In other words, she isn’t an angsty person.

Tonya Preston is bi racial and a little bit older than Haley and is a native New Orleanian. She’s a psychiatrist who works with adults.She’s been affected by family history and is big on responsibility despite it. She’s not a very open person but she’s self aware of her issues and wants to fix them especially when she realizes that her life isn’t what or where she wants it to be. She’s intelligent and can be outspoken and funny. She does have a best friend who pushes her and tells it like it is. All in all, she’s tired of living for everyone else and wants something for herself.

First and foremost this is a romance. Haley does her thing as a cop and there are times when Tonya does her thing as a psychiatrist. I explore their professions, and the book will have a crime element that is unfurled slowly and affects both characters.

I think that’s plenty for now.🙂

I’ll roll out the cover when it’s finalized. Advanced Review Copies will be a thing. Other than that, can’t wait until December 7th.

Finn and Royalties…

This is Finn….




Say hi Finn!


Finn is six months old and adorable but he is also a nut job. He woke us up this morning by aggravating Winston (the pug) and biting Michelle’s (my partner) feet. As a result, I had to go sleep in the other bedroom with him once he calmed down of course. While I was cursing his name at first, I am now singing his praises. Because I was awake for a little while, I checked my email to see a shit load of royalties that will be rolling in whenever my paperwork snails its way through.

So, thank you Finn and thank you to everyone who bought Blurred Lines and Crossing Lines and who will hopefully buy Between the Lines. Thank you for your emails, your reviews, and your bitching because I appreciate it all.

Say bye bye to Finn for today…




Between the Lines update…

What’s up folks!

First, I wrote a blog for Ylva about characterization. It’s a subject that’s near and dear so go check it out.

Characters are People Too…

Also, few days ago I turned in my book cover ideas for Between the Lines, third book in the Cops and Docs series, and I want to report that I am officially a little more than half way through the book. Haley Jordan and Tonya Preston are well on their way…

Between The Lines and a whole bunch of other shit…


Here we are. It’s been years…just kidding, but hell it seems like it. I just wanted to drop some knowledge. I’m about a third of the way, maybe a little more than that, with Between The Lines. It’s gonna be a long one ladies, and just to let you know, not as slow a burn as Blurred Lines was.

Now that I’ve got you thinking. Yes, these are all new characters.

Don’t panic!! Give these two a chance. You might like them, and for those who are faint at heart and like their romance PC there aren’t as many fucks in this one.

Buuuuut…yeah you’re gonna have to wait and see.

Meanwhile…at the Hall of Justice...

I’m sorry I just always wanted to say that lol. I actually said it out loud as I typed it, but I digress. I’ve made some discoveries while I’ve been writing, gaming and other stuff.

First, did you know they had orange soda for adults?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Makes me feel like a kid again! Thanks to Henry’s Hard Soda.

Second, New Belgium brewery never ceases to amaze me. I have said all along that fruit in beer is just not right but they know how to do it! Watermelon and lime. Yep! That’s what I said. It’s called Heavy Watermelon and smack my ass and call me Judy that shit is good.

Any other beers I should try on my writing journey? Leave a comment anytime and let me know.

Till then ta!

PS: The second book in Cops and Docs Series, Crossing Lines, is very available on Ylva or on Amazon