Price of Silence

Not gonna lie, we as Americans can have a very fleeting attention span. As one cause comes to the forefront, some of us raise our voices and picket signs in protest. There’s a few minutes of shine and then some other injustice takes center stage. Is it more out fault as a people? Or is it the media?

I haven’t a clue.

Here’s the deal folks. Racism is here to stay. It never left, and I hate it when people act like we were all one people at some indeterminate point in the past. When did that happen? And I missed it? Someone give me the date and time. As a black woman, I’m not just talking about my race either. I’m talking all POC.

Black people don’t corner the market ya’ll.

A hefty part of racism is the institutionalized bullshit that happens. For example, all the little behind the scenes groups that popped up to keep Black Panther down. Well, I don’t know if that’s a good example but I’m gonna use it. Anyway, but damn, the movie went on to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. I still read comments that all the good reviews paved the way and only black people have seen it. Get real even if it was praised by critics viewers would have used word of mouth to lambaste BP if it was awful. The sales would have gone down dramatically. So this movie just like others in the past disprove the notion that movies starring black stars don’t put asses in the seats.


The same goes for the publishing world. I’m concentrating on the lesfic publishing world for this particular blog. Let me show you something that many of us have already seen. If not check it out here The Ripped Bodice on Racial Diversity

Study it and study it good. It’s a goddamn travesty. Riptide was a clusterfuck of its own making so I’m not going to even get into that. But, I have to say that this study and Riptide’s mess spawned some interesting stuff. This blog right here POC Authors of Queer Romance  is why I’m writing this. There are ideas similar in the publishing world that black, and various shades of brown on the cover, in the pages, and behind them doesn’t sell.


I’m black. I write mostly what I know. I have black main characters in interracial romances and I am in one too. That’s what I know. I have black women on the cover which Ylva has never balked at. Within the lesfic world, I am a best selling author. I’m no Black Panther for sure, but I know I’m not the only one. I can’t be.

As a writer who is actively writing, I’m still a member of many online groups on FB and such for marketing purposes, for fun, etc. It’s not all that often that authors of color are mentioned. Pay attention right here I SAID NOT OFTEN not NEVER. I think the POC Queer Romance Authors are on to something. There should active reading lists added to or started. There should be monthly showcases with authors of color to put us in the spotlight that seems to shine our way inconsistently. Writers help promote other writers, right? Or rather they should.

Now stop before you mouth off about preferential treatment. There has to be equal treatment to make it preferential, and as we all know we’re not anywhere near equal. Let’s face facts. To add to that, I got in a twitter war when the Ripped Bodice study first came out. There were people trying for lack of a better word, whitesplain, away the dismal numbers from Bold Stroke Books and the like by stating that maybe there were no quality manuscripts submitted. I find that hard to believe. It’s almost like saying that POC can’t write up to publishing standards or maybe they don’t write stories that publishers think will appeal to the masses.


I don’t think this is something that we can move on from and feel satisfied with because some people said a few strong words that were backed up by many. Talk is talk ya’ll. Don’t just blow smoke about how things need to change when the issue pops up. Don’t just say you agree. Get up off your ass and do something about it. I wanna do my part. I would be more than happy to offer my blog to promote others. Hell, take it over for a day…a week if that helps. I’d be happy to RT the shit out of a new release and just to bring awareness. I’d be happy to repost on FB. I’d be happy to do a review or two when ever I get the chance to actually read. So feel free to Tweet, FB, email, or whatever me.

What are you gonna do?



Breasts, Laughter, and Angst…Oh My!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done the blog thing! Sorry about that. Let me catch yall up. Lots has happened in the past nine months. Had a mammogram, but it was far from a clean one. The areas were tagged as highly suspicious.


Yes, it scared the shit out of me. I have a history of suspicious masses in my breasts. So, I had to have my 5th biopsy in twenty years. Those of you who go through this know that the probability of it being cancer goes up with each biopsy. So, regardless of my chances and my fear I was willing to face things head on and be realistic. Made and appointment for a biopsy. Guess what? They couldn’t get to it.

I shit you not.

I’m blessed with big breasts so they had a time trying to shift, squish, and elongate my right boob in order to reach the area which was pretty deep. SO! I had to go to a different clinic with more expensive equipment. The radiologist was extremely nice. He showed me the masses on my mammogram and talked to me about why they were worrisome. I then laid on a table face down with my right boob hanging out of a hole where he proceeded to tell me everything he was doing in order to ease my mind.

The area was found to be benign.

Phew. For the fifth time, things were benign. Needless to say I’ve made a decision. When I can afford it or if my insurance pays for it I’m planning on a double mastectomy. While it won’t completely get rid of my chances for cancer, it will drastically reduce them. It’s not a decision I take lightly but just to inject a little more levity, it would be nice to wear a wife beater sans bra and not have my breasts touch my stomach.

Take note. I am not about offending or ridiculing cancer survivors. These are my opinions and thoughts based on my own perception of things. Okay?

With the scary came some other positives, my wife and I bought a house and moved from New Orleans to an area closer to the Bayou. I started a new job still doing the same thing, working with kids with mental health issues. Unfortunately at the moment, it doesn’t pay a lot, but I’m still here and thankfully working on a new book.

As I do my rewrites for my next full length novel, Drawing the Line (a romance so calm down), I’m starting to notice more and more that levity strengthens the angst and the humor. If you’re rolling your eyes at me and whispering that you knew this please stop lol. Remember I am still pretty new to professional writing so I’m learning things about my own style as I go along.

Now, back to the subject at hand.

The use of humor in a romance that’s also has instances of angst makes all those emotions punch a reader in the face. The funny shit is funnier and the sad stuff ties a reader in even tighter knots. Also, if you ask me, that special combination makes the sex hotter as well.

For Drawing the Line, I wrote what I personally think is one of the hottest most intense sex scenes I’ve ever written. Notice the distinction here, I said that I/ME has ever written not in all of lesfic.  To add to that, I think this is my most emotional book to date as well. Enough about that you’ll find out about it in November. Anyway, Pink had a similar formula. I wrote about a lot of dark shit but some of the other antics even made ME laugh as I typed them. 4-women-laughing-black-and-white

In Drawing the Line, Dr. Dani Russell has a tendency to be more than a little angsty but a lot of it is self imposed. Also, she has a tendency to pull others into it. I think I’ve found my stride now and I’m working on striking a balance between the heaviness by inputting more lightness. For me, this formula has actually worked in real life as well. In a time of fear, the people in my life tried to find a way to make me laugh, keep me calm. Even as I write about the ordeal it shakes me injecting a spot of humor helped. Who would’ve thought it?

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.


Reading Between the Lines…

Here is a free little snippet, an after thought really, from Between the Lines. It might answer some questions and whet some appetites. Also, for those who loved Pink or are curious, I still have the free short introducing those characters in A Taste of Pink

Between the Lines: Redux


Haley squinted as she walked closer to the dock. Blessedly, unlike the last two, this one was empty. The fishermen weren’t out in droves at Lake Claiborne State Park but there were more than a few. The majority of the RVs and campers that dotted the area were dark and quiet which suited Haley just fine.

She squeezed Tonya’s hand as she walked closer to the lake itself. Green-tinged water lapped against the dock gently. Even though the sun hung low, it was bright and mean as hell, blazing and beating down on her. Tall, robust trees covered the area, completing the picture—postcard beautiful.

It was still hot as balls though, despite being near the water. Haley wiped at her forehead.

“Have to love small town Louisiana.”

Haley glanced over her shoulder. “Murica, fuck yeah.”

Tonya rolled her eyes but she smiled as well.

Grinning, Haley pulled her hand away and kneeled.

“What are you doing?”

Haley looked up as she untied her red sneakers. They matched her Flash T-shirt. “Gonna put my feet in the water.”

Tonya’s eyes widened slightly. “I don’t think so. Can you say brain-eating amoeba?”

“Through my toes?” Haley laughed.

“I don’t know, but if you need to cool off I could throw some water in your face or even pour it over your head.”  Tonya’s lips quirked and slowly spread into a smile.

“Eager much?”

Tonya shrugged.

“You gonna join me?”

“I suppose, but if I end up in a coma you’ll have to explain it to Tracy, Stephanie, and my father. I know how much you’d love that particular honor.”

“Yeah, naw. I’d rather walk through the French quarter in my Wonder Woman underoos.”

Tonya leaned on the wooden post as she removed her own shoes and rolled up her capris until they were above the knee. “You say that like it would be out of the ordinary.”

“Mmm.” She was right. It wouldn’t be weird at all.

Haley sat and turned to help Tonya down beside her. She dipped her toes. Her body jolted slightly at the coolness. She smirked as Tonya pretty much had the same response.

“So this is Homer, Louisiana?”

“It is.” Tonya took her hand and laced their fingers together. They sat side by side, thighs and shoulders touching. Haley’s skin buzzed and heated in a whole different way that had nothing to do with the sun.

Haley sucked in a slow, deep breath and admired the woman sitting next to her. Tonya’s tousled curls were tamed into a ponytail, leaving her ears and the elegant line of her neck exposed. Instead of contacts, she wore those sexy-ass black-rimmed glasses that made brown eyes bigger and smokier. A light sheen of sweat covered her face and neck, which looked more like someone had misted her light brown skin with water before a professional photoshoot. The sudden flutter in Haley’s chest dipped down and settled into her stomach. Those damn butterflies were bowling again just like they always did when Tonya was around.


“I’m glad you came with me instead of Nate.” Haley drew Tonya’s hand across her torso and pressed it against her chest.

Tonya pulled away then looked at her. She reached up and sifted her fingers through Haley’s hair, making her shiver. “I know.”

“I couldn’t look into Nate’s eyes like this. That would be weird.” He was a beautiful man and her best friend, but having Tonya here kept Haley grounded.

Tonya threw her head back and laughed. “You two look so much alike. You’re right. It would be like incest .”

Chuckling, Haley peered back over the lake and sobered quick as hell.


Haley met Tonya’s gaze.

“We can stay here long as you want. It’s only a little after eight o’clock.”

“Okay. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready.” Haley shook her head. “Last time I saw him he was handcuffed to a hospital bed. Seein’ in prison orange might make things a little too real. I don’t know if I can do this more than once a month.”

“And you don’t have to. With everything that’s happened, wouldn’t he understand?”

“You’re right Dr. Preston.” Haley smiled slightly.

“That wasn’t Dr. Preston talking Officer Jordan.” Tonya leaned forward and pressed her lips against Haley’s cheek. “Just me.”

She turned slightly, brushing Tonya’s mouth with her own. The butterflies in Haley’s stomach flapped crazily and even more so as Tonya slid a hand around her neck and tugged her closer. An electric current danced down her spine and then spread everywhere, leaving Haley breathless.

Tonya pulled away but pressed her forehead to Haley’s. She exhaled shakily. “I hope we didn’t scandalize rural Louisiana.”

“Fuck’em.” Haley kissed her again, swallowing Tonya’s surprised gasp. She needed this—them to be more real than the situation facing her in David Wade Correctional Center.


Aware of the line of people waiting impatiently behind her, Haley signed her name on the visitor’s list and slid her driver’s license toward the prison guard, who smacked his gum as he glanced from Haley’s face to her ID and back again. He handed her license to the guard near the copy machine. Haley shoved her hands into her shorts pockets and took the time to enjoy the cool air blasting on her from the vent above.

Seconds later, he shoved her ID back at her along with a visitor’s badge. “Have a seat. The visit’ll be behind glass since he’s a newbie.”

Haley nodded, but the guard didn’t even look at her. The whole exchange was impersonal as hell. Had to be expected though, right? She’d never visited anyone in prison so didn’t have much to go on. Haley turned and bumped into the person behind her. “Excuse me.”

The woman made a face and brushed past her.

Shaking her head, Haley headed back to her seat. She eased down beside Tonya and released a long breath. Tonya patted her thigh. Haley grabbed her hand and pressed it against the exposed skin of her knee. The flash of heat that resulted was a welcome distraction.

Tonya leaned her head on Haley’s shoulder. For a minute, Haley closed her eyes and they were sitting on her couch watching Game of Thrones instead of waiting for reality to poke them with a stick. When she opened them again, people were staring. Maybe because they were a couple. Maybe because they were an interracial one.

Haley smiled at the man across from her. He looked away.

Tonya huffed and whispered in her ear, “Behave.”


A few minutes later, Haley untangled herself from Tonya and stood as a guard walked toward her. Haley took a couple steps forward before peering over her shoulder. Tonya smiled big enough to display her dimples and nodded. There were no signs of worry or tension, and she let that guide her.


Haley pulled the bright orange chair away from the counter and eased into it. The hard plastic was cool on the backs of her legs. She jumped up part way as a guard entered with Tang. His hair had grown since the last time she’d seen him. His crew cut was no more but the pornstache hadn’t gone anywhere. There were just a whole bunch of whiskers accompanying it.

Tang stared. His gaze, heavy, full and glassy.

Everything he’d done came back to her, flashing in front of her eyes as if she’d seen the whole thing in a movie. For a moment, she couldn’t help being angry as fuck. Forgiveness aside, she hadn’t forgotten a damn thing.

He blinked and glanced away. When he looked back again, the wetness in his eyes had disappeared. Tang picked up the phone.

Haley did the same.

“How’s…” He cleared his throat. “How’s Tonya?” Every time they talked now that question was one the first things out of his mouth.

“She’s good.” She bent forward, making sure she got a good look at him. “You okay?”

Tang snorted. “I’m in prison, Rook. So, fuck no.” He shook his head. “It’s where I need to be though.”

Haley couldn’t argue. “At least you’re away from gen pop.”

“Yeah, there’s that.”

She leaned back as a sudden quiet stretched between them.

“I’m sorry.” Tang whispered. The glassy eyed look returned.

That phrase was the other thing that had become commonplace.

Haley held his gaze and swallowed down her own churning emotions. “I know.”


The End.

BTL is available on Amazon

Pink is there as well.



Now for something different… (I dare you)

Pink is not a romance.

It is not.

It is not a romance.

However, Pink is now live and available everywhere as of today.

In general, yes I do write romance, but I didn’t this time. I enjoyed this experience whole heartedly, and I do plan to do it again. I like breaking the monotony. I don’t wanna be a cookie cutter author. As a reader, I don’t want you to always know what to expect because I don’t always like to play it safe. At times, I want you to laugh. I want you to dislike the characters. I want you to be frustrated. I want you to complain about how what I write isn’t sanitized or pretty.

I’m so okay with that. The themes and topics I write about may have been re-visited many times, but I put my own fingerprints on them just as others do. I also try to make my stories as true to life as possible. This novella is more of a drama, comedy, light erotica combination with some angst peppered throughout. It’s a story about Shawnna Green’s journey from heartbreak to healing.

No one dies. C’mon y’all should know me better than that.

No one walks away broken. No, this is not a trick.

I’ve read most of the reviews and so far its been well received. Some readers get it and some don’t. Some readers feel the need to point out that its a finding oneself story and in the same breathe say its a story about nothing. Some say its too harsh or crass. Some people said that the friendship between Veda and Shawn was the core of the whole thing. Some stated the sex was hot and others irritating.

I say that Pink is all of those things and unapologetically so much more. It will make you laugh. It will piss you off. It will make you uncomfortable, but some of you will empathize.

Pink is not a romance.

It’s something different. Try it. I dare you.

You might actually like it.

Pink on Amazon

Pink on Ylva


Pink and Keeping it Real

Pink, my fourth work with Ylva, is officially released today, and it is unlike anything I’ve ever written. Shawnna’s journey is as real and as raw as it gets. As a reader, you’ll empathize with her, you’ll laugh with her, you’ll be angry with her, you’ll root for her, and you’ll even dislike her. In the end, some of you will get her and be willing to understand her journey. However, some of you, colored by your own experience, likes, dislikes and notions about sex, break ups and what a person with a broken heart should do, may not understand it at all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When it all comes down to it, some of us have been Shawn and some of us have been her best friend, Veda. Shawn is the friend you know is hurting, but she doesn’t take the advice you’ve given. She’s that friend you shake your head at because you know she’s going down the wrong path. Veda is the friend who takes no shit and tells you like it is whether it’s liked or not. She’s loyal, caring, humorous, and will rip the rug from under you if she has to.

These are everyday people.

Pink isn’t a book about sexual conquest. It’s about how even the most level headed individual can lose themselves and become someone completely different before emerging as the person she needs to be. It’s a story about second chances, growth and healing. It’s personal as well because aspects of it have been my reality. There is strength in finding self, and the harder a person falls the more powerful she is when getting back up. If as a reader, you laugh, cry, rage, dislike, and come out the other side, right along with Shawn and Veda, I’ve done my job as the writer.

If you feel anything at all, my job is still…well, you know.

Pink is now available at Ylva,  preorder on Amazon, and If you like the feel of PAPER in your hands…

Broken Hearts are Pink by KD Williams (plus a FREE book!)

Wrote a blog on Women and Words about Pink and broken hearts…

Women and Words

Hey all! The amazing and awesome KD Williamson is stepping up to the virtual mic here at Women and Words today. She has a new release, Pink, and she’s here to tell us all about it. Also, she’s got a fabulous contest going on where you can win your very own copy. You can enter your very own self if you click on this magic link.

Click here to enter the drawing

Pink_800 Cover Reveal and Promo (1)

My first broken heart pre-dates my wife and any woman, actually. I was in high school and there was this very pretty boy I had a huge crush on. I was the geeky kid who always raised her hand to answer questions, and I learned soon enough that my best friend was more his type.

I thought I was devastated, but I got over it.

My second broken heart kicked me in the ass. I got to watch the woman I still…

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Pink Playlist (Stumpy’s Groove)

Evening all!

Here’s my Pink playlist. Songs are in order with two or three to a chapter. It’s eclectic, a lil offensive, a lil naughty, a lil angry, and a lil angsty. It’s a mix of R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock, Pop and even some Grunge.

Remember, the book is officially available on October 18th, but you can pre-order on Ylva right now just follow the link Pink.





Pink eBook Giveaway

Well, here we are again!

Pink_800 Cover Reveal and Promo (1)I have a novella, Pink, coming out on October 18th, available on the Ylva Publishing. The wide release will be on November 1st, meaning Amazon and so on. In the meantime, I’d like to give three people a chance to will Pink for free.

To refresh your memory here is a synopsis for Pink:

Fresh out of a relationship, Shawnna Green is heartbroken, lost, and almost penniless. She decides to start over in New Orleans to find a new sense of self, despite her ex hampering her progress. With the help of her best friend, Veda, she finds employment at Stumpy’s Sex Emporium where she deals with customers that range from the strange to the hilarious.

At the same time, Shawnna discovers that women, sex, and dating, are not what they used to be, but neither is she. In finding herself, she uncovers a part she didn’t know existed, and that’s not always a good thing.

Can Shawnna pick herself up, reach out, and connect with the people around her?

A smoldering look at the things we hide from ourselves.

Despite what I’m know for, I’d like to reiterate that this isn’t a romance, but it’s full of humor, angst, personal and sexual discovery as well as many other things that I think will stay with you.

The contest officially starts on September 30th and runs until October 25th which will give people plenty of time to enter. The criteria to enter is simple and is explained here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Taste of Pink

After getting the mother load of good news today, I’ve decided to spread the joy and post Pink Redux early. This section isn’t part of the book.  It’s something I wrote that could fit and could have happened based on the story and the characterizations as a whole.

Pink, the entire novella will be available on October 18th. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, curse my name, sneer up your nose, etc. I would also appreciate any RT or re-posts.

Thanks Amy.


Pink Redux


As Shawn eased the key into the lock, she glanced over her shoulder. “We should have the place to ourselves so don’t worry about being quiet.”

Keisha smiled slow and dirty. “I don’t censor myself for anyone.” Her words heated the air between them, making it heavy and dense. God, Shawn loved that feeling, and it had been sorely missed.

“Somehow, I knew you’d say that.” Shawn opened the front door.

“Well, I’m easy, especially with skills like yours.”

Keisha’s compliment sent Shawn soaring, which was exactly what she wanted… no, needed. She really couldn’t tell anymore. The lines that seemed so defined before were blurring. Feeling good had started to become priority and all she wanted was more of it. She wasn’t sure where her growing desperation came from. Maybe Veda was right about getting too close to Keisha. Maybe the situation with Courtney had broken Shawn far more than she knew. Maybe she was getting greedy. Either way, Shawn hesitated, which was enough to cool her off. Instead of the bedroom, she decided on the kitchen.

“I’m gonna grab a sandwich first. You want anything?”

Keisha cocked an eyebrow. “Okay.” She dragged the word out. “Where did you just go? I had your full attention a minute ago.”

Unable to hold her gaze, Shawn turned away. “Nowhere. I just wanted a sandwich.”

“Courtney. That’s where you were.”

That situation, that person, was the very last thing she wanted to discuss. Shawn moved toward the kitchen. “You didn’t answer my question. You want anything?”

“Something to drink.” Keisha answered as she followed her.

“Just to remind you, we don’t have anything fancy. Just Coke and Michelob Ultra with the cactus shit in it.” Shawn tried her best to keep her voice as light as possible, hoping that Keisha wouldn’t push.

“Coke is fine.”

“Okay,” Shawn opened the refrigerator and gathered the ham, turkey and other ingredients along with a Coke.

“I know what I do for you.”

Shawn swallowed and glanced at Keisha. She was leaning against the counter near the stove, watching her. Their eyes met briefly. Keisha’s gaze was intense, focused.

“Let me do it. Just play along.”

The offer to fly above the anger, the hurt, and the emptiness was so very hard to resist, but still, quickly and quietly, Shawn made her sandwich. Keisha pressed into her from behind. She brushed dreadlocks out of the way, exposing the back of Shawn’s neck.

The first brush of Keisha’s lips made Shawn tremble.

“I know you want to. When you’re inside me, she doesn’t matter.”

As Shawn tilted her head to the side, Keisha took advantage, biting into her shoulder. Shawn groaned and arched into the blistering heat behind her.

Keisha flicked her tongue over Shawn’s ear. Then, she started whispering things… profoundly erotic things. Other images, other thoughts, and other feelings took over. Shawn gave into her desperation, her need. Keisha’s touch, her body, and her words bandaged over the part of the wound that Courtney kept ripping open. The hole was getting bigger, and this fix seemed to be getting more temporary. But, it was a fix nonetheless.

Shawn turned her head further, drawing Keisha into a messy kiss.

Keisha whimpered.

“For fuck’s sake, you know your bedroom is like a hundred feet away.”

Keisha wrenched away from her, but feeling sluggish, Shawn was slower to respond.

“Nice to see you again, Veda,” Keisha greeted.

Veda snorted, “Likewise, but I’m glad I didn’t end up seeing more of you.”

Now more lucid, Shawn glared at her best friend. It was hard to hide her aggravation, especially since she was a step away from a rather warm oblivion.

Staring right back, Veda smiled and her blue eyes twinkled with amusement. “What?”

“What do you mean what? I didn’t know you were home.” Shawn threw an apologetic glance at Keisha, who shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“Well, I am. Guess it’s a good thing since you two were about to get nasty in front of that ham sandwich. Probably woulda scared the mayo right off it.”

Keisha laughed. Maybe Shawn needed to lighten up too, but that was easier said than done.

“I texted to tell you I was gonna be home early. It’s my night to cook. I wanted to see if you wanted something special to eat, but well…” Veda eyed Keisha.

Shawn made herself crack a smile. Keisha shook her head and grabbed the sandwich and Coke. Without another word, she left the kitchen, no doubt for the bedroom. For a few seconds, Shawn’s gaze was riveted.  She cleared her throat. “Uh, I didn’t get your text.”

“Maybe your phone has an STD from being around all that porn, and you know…stuff.”

“Maybe,” Shawn deadpanned.

“Mmm,” Veda crossed her arms over her chest and studied her. “You okay? You look a little—”

“I’m fine.”

Veda huffed. “Now, why don’t I believe that?”

“Come check on me in a couple hours. I’m sure I’ll feel a hell of a lot better.”

“I don’t know. Whatever I just saw looked way more intense than it should be.”

Shawn tried to quiet the voice in her head that agreed. “She understands what I need.”

“Uh-huh, I still think it’s easy to get caught up in that.”

Exasperated, Shawn sighed and stepped away from the counter. She needed to get out of this conversation. “I told you I’d think about it. Damn.”

“Hold on.” Veda held up a hand, blocking her. “I’m just trying to help.”

“I know.”

“Good. If this casual thing you got going is really helping you out of your funk, that’s fine. But it might be best for you and Keisha both not to concentrate completely on her.”

“Okay, I heard you the first time. I meant what I said. I’ll think about it.” She needed to do more than that and she knew it. Maybe things would be simpler if any touch, any body would do. If she could feel bigger, taller all the time, Shawn could stand up and step over the shitty cesspool she’d been stuck in since Courtney left. “Can I go now? She’s waiting for me.”

Veda moved out of the way. “I just want you to be okay.” Her voice was thick.

Shawn stopped, but she kept her back to Veda. “I want that too, but when it comes down to it, I’m just happy to feel good. Even if it’s only between my legs.”

“I know.”

Peering over her shoulder, Shawn muttered, “See you in the morning.”


Hope you enjoyed this peek into Pink.





Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Since I was rudely awakened this morning by one cat sitting on my chest and the other screaming for food a lot earlier than he usually does, I figured it was time for an update before I started writing today.

IMG_0372By the way, this is Rey (the tiny one) the cat who plopped himself on my chest. I think you all remember Finn from previous pics. Yes, Finn and Rey. I am geek hear me roar.






Pink my latest work (a novella) will be available on October 18th  on the Ylva website and then all over two weeks later. Again, it isn’t a romance but I think it has aspects for everyone to enjoy. I also believe it will leave an impression. Pink_800 Cover Reveal and Promo (1)

On October 1st, right here on my blog, I’ll be posting a free short story to introduce the main characters in Pink. On that same day, I’ll also be releasing my Spotify playlist for Pink for those who are interested.

Drawing the Line, which will be a full length novel, is coming along rather nicely. I think it will be even more down to earth and human than Between the Lines. How can it not be? It’s about former lovers reconnecting. It’s shaping up to be an emotional journey as expected but a bit different from my other work. Even though it won’t be out until next year, I see the cover in my head just as clear as day.